12 Everyday Stretches to Help You Stay Flexible and Avoid Pain at Any Age

With everybody living a sedentary lifestyle and a modern life, pain in the area of the neck and lower back have became very common.Whether you are having pain in your wrists from typing on the computer all day, or is it shoulder tension from being hunched at a desk for countless hours, whatever it is, sore muscles are very unpleasant and are making even the smallest and slightest movement painful and hard.

Therefore people are seeing their solution in the creams and painkillers that soothe the pain, but everybody is aiming for the wrong thing. Instead of dealing with muscle pain and try to treat it, we should be trying to prevent from it. And we can do the right thing with a simple and basic stretch routine every day.

How To Stretch 101

Besides that this is the most simple way that you can improve your blood flow and energize yourself, it will also help with the movements, it will make them easier. Stretching on daily basis will provide an amazing effect, it will get rid of the stiffness in our muscles and ease any creaky joints. It can energize your body, and it will prevent from any kind of injury while you exercise. Stiffed joints and muscles can never work as good as stretched ones, that have been prepared to do their job.

Here is a small list of Do’s and Don’ts when we are at stretching:


  • Stretch injured muscles. No matter how good it feels, you are only damaging them more.
  • Stretch in rapid motion. Don’t ever put yourself in some position and then go back in the position you was before, quickly!


  • You can use extra support such as topical magnesium oil which can alleviate the stiffness or a simple stretch band.
  • Hold each stretch for half a minute. That way the muscles will be forced to relax.
  • Stretch out after a workout. That way the muscles will be able to grow.
  • The chronically tight areas, require more attention and time to be stretched and relaxed.

So what kind of stretch exercises you should do? There are countless options, such as physical therapy or yoga, but if you want to do a basic everyday stretch that will relieve you from the pain you caught from your work desk and trying to get a relief from head to toe, take a look at the exercises below.

The Best Stretches for Muscle Pain

Marilyn Moffat who is a professor of physical therapy in the University of New York, has chosen these stretches herself. Before you start, you should know that if you start to feel intense pain while doing a certain exercise or you are in a certain position, make sure you visit a specialist or your doctor.

Each of the following stretches should be held from half a minute to a minute. The first step before you start the exercises is to make sure you are in the correct position. Sit down with your back and chin tucked down and try to align your neck with your spine. Once you are in this position, you may start.

Neck Rotation

Face forward, then turn your head for 90 degrees on each side, while holding from 30-60 seconds on each side.

Neck Tilt

Slightly til your head to one side grab your ear that is on top with the opposite hand, don’t pull though, let the weight of the arm stretch your neck muscles. Hold for 30-60 seconds, then do it on the other side as well.

Trunk Rotation

Form a cross with your arms right over your chest and then try to look back over your shoulder, while turning from your trunk. Hold it as we said, and then face forward and do it on the other side.


To preform this stretch, all you need is a slight bend. Just stretch out your spine, but be careful not to go too far.

Trunk Lateral Flexion

Raise your hand above your head, than lean diagonally to the opposite side of the hand, hold that position, and do it on the other side as well.

Fold Over

Sit on a chair, bend over it and just try to make sure that your neck is in the right position, and you feel no pain.

Back Stretch

To do this stretch, your bottom palm should be facing out and the upper palm should be facing the back. Without hurting yourself, try to reach your palms and hold them together behind your back. Be careful, and switch sides.

Quad Stretch

Stand straight, raise on hand above your head, and then bend the opposite knee and grab your foot with the other hand. Your knee should now be pointing to the ground, hold the position and do it with the other leg as well.

Heel Chord

Simply stand in front of a wall, place one toe on the wall and plant both of the feet in the ground. Then straighten your back and lean towards the wall, in a position like you are trying to push it, with the front knee bent. Once you have bent your knee, hold that position so that your back leg muscles can stretch.

Hip Flexor

Lay on a softer surface, and preform the stretch. Lay with both legs flat, then raise one leg with the knee towards your chest. Grab it and hold that position, then do it with the other leg.

Leg Extension

Use a towel or a workout band for this exercise, so that the stretch is good. Lay down on the floor, put the towel or the workout band on your toe and hold it with your hands, now you can gently pull until you reach 90 degrees. The towel or workout band should be around the foot. Hold the position and then do it on the other side as well.


Lay down flat on the floor, with your shoulders, neck and back down, fold the left ankle right over the right thigh just above your knee. Hold that position than do it with the opposite leg. Adjust the intensity by going upper and lower with the unfold leg.

These are the 12 perfect everyday stretches that you can preform to keep your muscles relaxed and loose, also you will protect yourself from muscle pain and relieve from muscle stiffness.

Source: theheartysoul.com