20 Unbelievable Ways to Use Baking Soda for You and Your Home

Every house this product, it is mostly used for baking, but is this the only purpose of the product is the question. Well, of course not.

This product is free of toxins, which makes it totally safe for other uses as well. It is very universal, and widely used product all around the world. This product can be very helpful around your housework, your personal hygiene, to prevent from insects and mostly to bake good pies.

We have already said too much, but believe us that this is just few of the things that it is able to provide. Surely when you find out all of the things that it is capable of, it will always be number one on your shopping list, and the number one in your home.

Of course the product is baking soda! Believe it or not, there are more things that baking soda is capable of than you can possibly think of. Below we made a list of the top 20 uses of baking soda, and no doubt that you will start do some of them after you are done reading this article.

20 Unbelievable Uses of Baking Soda

1. Boost Hair growth

As unbelievable as it seems, but baking soda is a product that could be used to stimulate hair growth. Isn’t that amazing?

2. Prevent from Fridge Smell

To relieve and prevent from the bad and unpleasant smell of your fridge, use baking soda.

3. Insect Bites

Due to its ability to soothe and ease irritation on the skin, use baking soda to reduce the itching from the insect bites.

4. Clean Jewelry

If some of your jewelry is very precious, and you want to keep it in the form as you bought it, and prevent it from destroying, but still you want to clean it and make it shiny, try using baking soda, it will help you a lot. Baking Soda is able to get back the shine of your jewelry as it was before.

5. Replace Store-Bought Deodorants

Surely you are aware of how much issues and problems can be caused by a simple deodorant body spray, they are very harmful. To prevent from that, try using baking soda, it is considered to be a natural deodorant.

6. Rough Skin

Baking soda is also able to help you in case of rough skin. You just need to simply apply warm cotton baking soda pads on the areas.

7. White Teeth

Some people have already heard of this way of teeth whitening, it is the most effective and fastest way to naturally make your teeth whiter. You just need to brush your teeth with baking soda and that’s all, instant results will be provided. But be aware that you shouldn’t use it too much.

8. Baking Soda Scrub

It is able as we said to make your skin softer, but also it can provide amazing benefits against skin irritations, mostly wrinkles, blackheads and tarnished skin. Simply scrub your face with baking soda, do not use too much though.

9. Soothe Sunburn

Also this amazing product is able to soothe sunburn on your skin.

10. Abscesses

Try an abscess treatment, by using baking soda.

11. Remove Stains

Quit wasting a tone of money on trying to remove stains, just use baking soda instead of that.

12. Clean the Microwave

Take your sponge and apply some baking soda, you will be able to clean the inside and the outside of your microwave. After the cleaning, rinse it with water well. It will leave no smell, don’t worry.

13. Remove Bad Breath

Have you noticed something about your breath, it smells bad? Try using baking soda. It will prevent from bad breath, it will simply solve this problem.

14. Relieve Heartburn

In case of a heartburn, use baking soda it will help immediately.

15. Cleans Brushes and Combs

Keep your brushes and combs clean if you want to have a nice looking hair. This is very important, it may sound ridiculous, but as you brush your hair every day, there are leftover natural oil build-ups from brushing your hair.

Using baking soda will easily solve this problem. Just take one tablespoon of baking soda, that is all you will need. Put the baking soda in a cup and fill it with water, then put the brushes and combs inside it. Let them stay inside for a while, then wash them with water and dry them easily with a towel.

16. Softens Beans and Peas

If you want to make the peas and beans ready for cooking, and you want to do it fast, use baking soda.

17. Cleans Shower Curtains

Clean your shower curtain, by sprinkling some baking soda on the clean side of the sponge’s brush, then clean it with that. Just scrub the shower curtain, it will clean it perfectly. After you are done cleaning it, wash it with water, and hang it somewhere to dry it off.

18. Reduces Stretch Marks

Nobody likes stretchmarks, so if you are dealing with this situation, baking soda can help you. Just scrub your stretchmarks with baking soda, it will reduce the visability of the stretchmarks very much.

19. Fruit and Veggie Scrub

Using baking soda to clean your veggies and fruits from the dirt, and chemicals and make them fresh looking, you will only need is 1 tablespoon of baking soda, a large bowl and water. Just fill the bowl with water and add the baking soda inside, then put the fruits or veggies inside for a while. Let them sit in the bowl for a while, then take them out and wash them well with water.

20. Remove Odor from carpets

Sometimes you need to refresh your carpets, to renew them somehow. If you want to do that, just sprinkle some baking soda everywhere on the carpet, and let it stay there through the night. Then sweep the baking soda, and the leftover should be vacuumed with a vacuum cleaner, be careful with your vacuum cleaner bag, don’t overfill it, clean it if it is needed.

The same way could be used to remove odor from your vacuum cleaner as well.

These uses were listed, in order to make many housewives life’s easier, and let them know how things can be done in an easier way.

You see how much can be done with one product and such little effort put in. Things will be very easier if these methods are used by housewives. Share this article with your friends, let them know of the numerous ways that baking soda can be used.

Source: deeperhealthperspectives.com