7 Exercises In 7 Minutes For Instant Lower Back Pain Relief

When I was about 20 years I was planting a big pine tree and while I was planting it I hurt my back. The tree looked good and I did a good job, but a tree is not worth the pain I was feeling ever since I hurt the back.

Now days my back is giving me a lot of pain while it is the gardening season when I’m hunched over for a few hours in unnatural positions, or when I stay in one position for too long.

In the years past I’ve been trying and trying new stretches every day, but in ever got an everyday routine. As soon as I found a new stretch I would try it for a few times a day, I would do it for a few days then forget it, I didn’t get many reliefs.

That was the story until I found this perfect routine. The routine has 7 stretches in just 7 minutes! Can you believe it? It is very effective, it stretches every inch of your back and lower back. I’m so thankful that I found this routine, now it is not a problem for me when the gardening season starts. Try it for your self and see the effects!

7 Stretching Exercises For Lower Back Pain Relief

For these exercises a yoga mat or carpeted area is required or even heated mat. Sometimes you could hurt yourself even more while trying to relieve of the pain.

1. Floor Hamstrings

Lie on your back and bent your legs with the feet on the ground. Raise one leg and try to touch behind your hamstring, with 2 hands this will stretch the back of your leg. 30 seconds for a leg. Your leg may not be straight at the beginning because of its flexibility, it will improve in time.

2. Knees to Chest

Lie on your back and tuck in your knees to touch your chest and hold that position for 30 seconds. Put your hands behind your knees to reduce the stress. The lower back will start to stretch you will feel it.

If you are a bit flexible, try to straighten your legs or tuck them even deeper, if it puts too much pressure on your back, leave it don’t try harder.

3. Piriformis Stretch

This exercise is the same as the one before just your opposite leg should be crossed over. Cross your legs that your crossed leg is over the straight one and your ankle is right next to the lying knee. Then pull the knee up to your head and holt that position for half a minute. Switch the legs and do it again. You’ll feel a stretch in the glutes, in the leg that is crossed over.

4. Spinal Stretch

Lie down with your shoulders flat on the floor, cross your legs one over another and try to lower the knee to the floor. For a further stretch your opposite hand should be placed on the knee, hold that position for half a minute and switch legs. Your lower back and sides should be stretched with this exercise.

5. Lying Down Quadriceps

This exercise is mostly done in a standing position, but in a lying position is better for stretching because you have more balance. Simply lie on the floor on the side and gently pull your leg grabbed by the ankle towards your butt. Hold it for 1 minute and you should feel the quadriceps stretching.

6. Hip Flexors

Place both hands above your knee, while you stand on one knee. Than stretch very gently by leaning forward for half a minute. Switch legs and do it again. The stretch should be felt in the legs and your hips, also keep your back straight while doing the exercise.

7. Total Back Stretch

Find a table or something you can hold on to and that is about the height of the waist. This exercise is in a standing position, lean forward and stretch your entire back, lean for half a minute. Make a small pause and then do one more.

These exercise may accidentally cause more pain and harm than good, so it is wise to consult your doctor before you preform any of them. But if your doctor approves that you can to these exercise than we hope these exercises will help you, because living with pain in the back can be very disturbing and dreadful. No more skipping gardening season, no more pain in the lower back. Star your relief now! Do these 7 exercises every day and after a while you will lose the pain and feel very well and happy that the pain is gone.