Aspartame, The Most Popular Artificial Sweetener, Is The Main Cause Of Diabetes, A Study Discovers!

When we have cravings for something that is sweet, we mostly take something to eat or drink that is filled up with a lot of artificial sweeteners, this was proved by The American Diabetes Association. And it was proven many times that these sweeteners are so harmful for our health!

A group of Portuguese scientists have proven that these artificial sweeteners, such as the aspartame, are very harmful and dangerous for us, and they provide a negative effect on how our body responds to glucose, and this can easily lead to many consequences which might end up fatal.

In the study were participating 27 participants who received acesulfame K, placebo pill or Splenda.

The group that received a dose of artificial sweeteners had severe side-effects after only 2 weeks of intake, because the level of GLP-1 peptide were decreased, which had the role to maintain and control how much glucose will be released in our bloodstream after every meal.

A professor from the Adelaide University, named Richard Young said that one of the leading causes for diabetes, might just be the decreasing of the peptide levels.

Anyway, this is not the first time that the experts have given a warning about the consumption and intake of aspartame, and its deep bond with diabetes. Also there was a certain study in which was proven the bond between obesity and artificial sweeteners.

Many of the commercial soda drinks contain huge amounts of this artificial sweetener called sucralose, which can easily harm our metabolic function by accumulating fat inside our tissues.

When this sweetener was tested on human cells, it was concluded that it is able to elevate the genes which were connected to fat production and inflammation. The study was leaded by Dr. Sabyasachi Sen and he also claimed that this should be more concerning for obese people, but still it is a problem that should concern the whole medical community.

There is another study which was done in Israel in which the artificial sweeteners were analyzed and how the affected the glucose production by the altering of the gut microbiota. In the research, lab mice were fed with sweeteners for about 11 weeks, and after the tests they showed up glucose intolerance, and that was only the result of altered gut bacteria.

It was finally proven that the artificial sweeteners were increasing the risk of diabetes, because when they were tested on humans, the results were the same.

Dr. Max Nieuwdorp has published a study and it was an attempt to reverse the type 2 diabetes, and in the study were included 250 patients, and each one of them has experienced positive effects. With that it was once again proven that the diabetes can be treated only if there are changes made in the composition of the gut bacteria.

Our metabolism is disrupted by the mismatch of the taste of calories and the artificial sweeteners, and this was also proven in a study which was done by the Yale University.

According to professor Dana Small, our bodies are reacting to the sweet taste and the high content of calories. They get their energy from unknown and unnatural sources that we don’t know about.

Our brain becomes satisfied when the calories and the sweetness of a certain drink match, and if they are not matching, then we are experiencing the cravings for more, also the risk of diabetes and obesity are increased.

As we consume sweet foods and drinks our brain produces and releases more and more dopamine and leptin, which are hormones that are regulating our cravings, and they are the ones that are signaling our brain for satiety. If that connection or bond is interrupted, than we start to crave and we start gaining a lot of weight.

A cardiologist, Dr. Harlan Krumholz was addicted to the soda drinks, but he have seen how harmful they are and what damage they may cause to our body. Which is why from then he is warning everybody about these drinks, and he highly recommends to avoid them, because they cause a lot of cravings, they are harmful for our brain and they cause obesity too.

There was a study done by the University of Yale, in which it was proven that the artificial sweeteners are affecting the balance of our energy and our metabolic function, and also they cause many negative effects on the cognitive process, metabolic hormone secretion and microbiota.

No matter how hard it is to avoid these drinks that contain artificial sweeteners, you must try as hard as you can to avoid them, no matter how addictive they are, you must eliminate them for good. Try some natural healthy drinks that will decrease the cravings and the blood sugar spikes, such as stevia and lemon water.