Goodbye To The Flu, Flame And Clean The Lungs With This Powerful Homemade Syrup

It is known worldwide, and it is one of the most powerful vegetables which is full of nutrients, also it is the most cultivated veggie – we are talking about the Carrot. It is one of the most commonly used foods in all diets, because of its sweetness and versatility. It prevents from flu and protects us from colds.

It can be used for many things, but we have forgotten that it can be used for a relief of respiratory diseases like coughs, colds and flu. It can also help us prevent from them, that is why we give you a recipe to prepare a natural carrot syrup. It is very simple and helpful, you combine carrot with lemon and honey. Continue reading and see how to prepare it in the article below.

Carrot is a very popular vegetable, it is used all around the world in many kitchens and dishes. Because of their sweetening taste and being full of nutrients, carrots are used in many recipes for natural medicine for many centuries.

Many healthy properties are contained in the carrot, most commonly they are used for improving eye health and sight, also it can improve the appearance of our skin.

But not many people know the fighting abilities of the carrot, against respiratory illnesses such as colds, flu or phlegm. This ability comes due to its richness with vitamin C and vitamin, which strengthen the immunity system very much.

The only things that you will need to make this syrup, is going to be carrots, honey and lemons. Ingredients that are not expensive at all, or you already have at home. And you can lose the fear from the common flu and cold symptoms, by using this simple syrup which is 100% natural.


  • 4-5 tablespoons of honey
  • 1 squeezed lemon (juice)
  • 5-6 large carrots


  1. Take the carrots and put them into boiling water, let them boil until they become soft, then remove them from fire and let them cool down.
  2. Use a fork to crush the carrots, and then mix them with the lemon juice and the honey. Mix them together until the mixture becomes homogenous, than put it in a jar and keep it in a refrigerator.

Method of use:

If you have any symptoms of the illnesses we discussed before, take 4 or 5 tablespoons of the syrup. Keep taking it until the symptoms disappear.

The benefits from taking this remedy

Aside from the benefits we already told you or you already know, this syrup will also help you with:

Treating the inflammation and pain of the joints, bones and muscles. Easily fights with anxiety, calm nerves and stress.

It will energize you because of its richness with minerals and vitamins such as potassium and phosphorus. Also it will help you cure heartburn and gastritis.

It is not recommended for people who suffer from diabetes (because it contains a lot of sugar) or if you are taking any diuretic medications.