Health Experts Are Warning People to Stop Eating Tilapia

When you are in the seafood section of a supermarket or a grocery store, notice that tilapia is one of the most common items on the menu. It has become the most available fish in every state of the U.S. and also it is a base of almost every diet in America. But have you asked yourself, does it do any good to you?

One of the main problems with tilapia is that it is hard to find unfarmed fish meat in any of the stores, because none of it is from wild. The problem with the farmed fish is, it is very unhealthy and it is not even close to the wild counterpart. All of this, is because process it goes through to get to the market.

These fish are mostly fed with soy pallets and GMO corn, what more do you need to know – they eat the most unhealthy food, so you cannot expect them to be healthy for you when you buy them from the market. If you compare this to their natural diets from the ocean, when they eat loads of algae and plants which are very healthy, you can conclude the differences by yourself.

Farmed fish, mostly farmed tilapia can provide numerous health issues and problems that you won’t even be aware how they got into you. According to the researches, farmed tilapia is able to introduce your body to this list of risks:

1. Increases the Risk of Inflammation

The consumption of farmed tilapia can cause numerous inflammation related diseases, including heart failure, asthma, arthritis and many more. On the other hand, people that don’t know these things, are consuming tilapia because they see it as a source for omega-3’s, they include it in many dishes of their diet, no wonder if their heart health is bad. Many health professionals are waning and telling people to stop consuming bacon and hamburgers to prevent from inflammation diseases and risks, but forget about the consumption of tilapia. Can you believe that the tilapia can provide more inflammatory diseases than a tasty and calorie rich hamburger?

2. Increases the exposure to Pesticides and Antibiotics

Don’t find it surprising that the meat from farmed tilapia tends to be treated less with natural sources, but more with antibiotics and pesticides. And not only for fish meat or tilapia, this is the case of many meats on our market. The farmed fish, especially tilapia, is able to develop very serious diseases that can be spread to others. This is due to their bad living conditions and their awful diets. To prevent the fish from catching an illness or even die, the farmers are feeding them with a lot of antibiotics, that way the fish gain weight, and they are able to only make it to your dinner plate, not longer. But the main problem of this, is that the antibiotics from the fish are consumed by us.

3. Increases the risk of Cancer

There is a huge difference between farmed and wild tilapia. The farmed tilapia carries ten times more carcinogenic toxins than the wild one. This comes back like a boomerang on the industries that are farming fish, industries where the diet of the fish includes only soy substitutes and GMOs. It turns out that the only real food they get is chicken feces, and pig and duck waste too. So the saying “you are what you eat” turns out to be “you are what ‘what you eat’ eats”.

Anyone who consumes tilapia and farmed fish in general just because they’re cheaper on the market, is exposed to these risks and diseases! Be very aware of the fish you buy, make sure it is from the wild, make sure that it is not farmed, because only that way you can protect yourself from these carcinogenic and chemical properties. These properties are the thing you don’t want in your dinner dish for your family and yourself.

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