Here Are 6 Reasons Why Highly Intelligent People Cannot Find Happiness!

For a highly intelligent person, success in his career, a great family, a good life and a faithful and intelligent partner might not be enough to make him feel happy, he might still feel grief and melancholy.

Here are the top 6 reasons why these people can’t feel happy and fulfilled:

They are aiming for a lot bigger things

The more intelligent people, often are not satisfied with the things they have in their lives, because their IQ is a lot higher, and they are able to want and desire bigger. If you find yourself in these people, you surely desire for something bigger and brighter, and you can easily understand what we’re talking about. And you are constantly under tension, which makes it impossible for you to enjoy life, or be happy with what you have at the moment. You find life very boring and ordinary.

Also you are constantly thinking about your goals, and you think in this place and this planet you cannot accomplish that. And with these thoughts in your head, it will be very hard to feel happiness.

They sometimes over-think things

To these people, everything that happens to them, they analyze it and sometimes end over-thinking things. Almost every time you over-think about something, and especially if you find that thing frustrating, will only get you exhausted. Even if it is too much for you and it weighs you down every time you think about it, you can’t stop it.

But in some cases, analyzing things that happen in your life is quite good and needy. But don’t pay attention to very unimportant things. Even though our world today is full of negativity and wrong people, try not to over-think over some things. Therefore, the things you are thinking about, like the meaning of life, of your purpose in this world, of your problems and questions like these that don’t have an answer, can be quite disturbing for you, and can affect your happiness a lot. If you want to feel cheerful and happy, try to ignore these things and relax a little bit.

The depth of analyzing thins, is not appreciated by anyone

For the people with higher IQ than normal, can be a difficulty finding someone that can understand them. But if they have someone that can understand them, at least one person, their stress is reduced by half. There isn’t anything better than having someone beside you, that understands every view of yours, and gives an answer to any of your questions. Giving an answer to your philosophy and personal life questions that you ask. But sometimes it can be very hard to find and keep someone beside you, because in many or most of the cases, hardly anyone sees the depth of the things you think about.

According to researches, the people with lower IQ need to communicate and socialize more to feel happiness, than the ones with higher IQ. However, even those with high IQ still need to meet someone and fall into a deep conversation to feel a little bit happy. But these people are more likely to talk about something more than the weekend or the food, or the weather as well.

They judge their steps too hard

Very often, people that are highly intelligent are judging themselves too hard, and this is very likely to make them unhappy. Not only their success and failures are judged, but every single thing they do. The thing about someone’s higher intelligence is that, their deep thinking, their behavior and actions make them set their standards too high, even for them. And this constant tension, makes them blame themselves all the time, even if sometimes there is no reason for it.

This can disturb you very much, and even mess up your everyday mood. You also won’t be able to spend a day in cheering and happiness, and you will not be able to sleep in order to rest. And these are the main things that will blow away your happiness from your life.

They try to mach everything they do, to their standards

These people cant be satisfied with anything, they know what they want and they will feel unhappy until they get what they want. And if they get even a little bit less than they desired, will make them unhappy too. This stands for everything in their life, their career, their relationships or family, etc.

If you are an ordinary person, you never get what you have desired. But for those with brilliant minds, this was never a problem, because they will get that no matter what. For them, the ordinary thing was never a pleasure, they want the best and they want it as fast as possible, they don’t simply accept the facts in this world or how the society works, and they understand everything differently, the way they have created their ideal picture. And when they often ground themselves, and look around and see the reality, they become very disturbed and unhappy.

They are very likely to develop mental disorders

According to the studies, many of them have proven to us that there is a relation between a brilliant mind and a mental disorder like bipolar disorder and social anxiety. Have you ever thought that these disorders can simply be some of the side-effects from a brilliant mind? Well, nobody has ever confirmed that, because the greatest mysteries in this world, are about the human mind and how it functions. And we are not far away from revealing some of them.

Most of the intelligent people are depressed, because of the over-thinking things that are connected somehow with their lives. And if sometimes they even go deeper in their thinking, they may start to think about the meaning of life and death, their minds are able to even think their purpose of their existence. Which is one of the reasons for them to start feeling sad and depressed. This also can increase the percentage of risk of developing a mental disorder.