Here Are 6 Signs Your Personality is So Strong it’s Intimidating Others 

The first impression when someone gets for you, is the most important one, but for people with very strong characters, they mostly are wrong.

The people with strong characters are not very communicative and open when they first meet someone, the look like they are reserved or cold, or sometimes that looks very rude. But as the old saying goes “don’t judge the book by its cover”, so there is more than it meets the eye.

Therefore, these people sometimes are not even aware what kind of impression they are leaving, and it is very common they don’t realize that the behavior they have irritates and intimidates the ones around them.

The 6 signs are in the article below which help you find out if your personality intimidates your company:

  1. You always tell everyone what’s on your mind

These kind of people are not ashamed or uncomfortable to tell you what’s on their mind, they always share it, even if they shouldn’t, sometimes their words hurt more than their hits.

  1. You cannot tolerate Ignorance

You can’t tell anyone to change just to be with you because he is ignorant, simply because you are good with everyone and honest, it doesn’t mean everyone else will be that way with you.

  1. You are wise beyond your years

These people are also called that they have alpha personalities, they are very clever and intelligent as well, they quickly figure tasks or things they are thinking about or that are bothering others, and sometimes they make others feel very unpleasant.

  1. Don’t waste time on trivial things in your live

Time is simply the most precious thing in your life, you spend it only on things you enjoy doing, and that means you are not going to waste it on things that don’t fulfill you or people you don’t like.

  1. You love new things

You adore adventures, you enjoy trying something new even if it is stupid or dangerous, no failure scares you, and even if you do fail you get up easily. You travel on your own and you take risks as they are nothing.

  1. When others see only problems, you see solutions

While others are in panic over a problem and they are thinking already about the consequences, you already have the solution. These people are ready even when others haven’t even taught about acting.

It might not be easy hanging out with these kind of people and they may be rare, but to have one in your life as a friend or family is the biggest treasure you can have.

Do you know anyone with an alpha personality, or is it you?