Honey Wrap – Treats Bad Cough and Removes Mucus from the Lungs In Just One Night, Especially Good For Kids! Recipes for Every Occasion

If you need to treat colds or respiratory tract, and you want to do it naturally, try using this natural remedy, it works perfect!

We’re talking about Honey now, which can discard mucus easily because of its biological activity along with the coating, it can fight cough attacks or colds very easily.

Looking for a way to relieve from the cough in only one night? Well these honey wraps might be the right thing for you. And the best thing about them is they can be used for children and adults.


Ingredients for the recipe:

  • Flour
  • Honey
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Napkin
  • Gauze
  • Band-aid tape


In a cup mix the flour with a little bit of honey, mix until the mixture becomes homogeneous and it doesn’t stick to your fingers. This mixture will be used for the compress for the treatment.

To the mixture add some of the vegetable oil, then roll it in the flour one more time. Now the mixture is ready for use, put it on a napkin and wrap it in a cheesecloth.

Use the band aid tape, to hold it attached to your chest or your back, then when that is put in its place, you can put on your pajamas, because it is best to be left to act over night.

Be very careful, don’t place the wrap on you heart directly, slightly above your heart should be the right place. To stick it on your back use some help, let someone stick it for you.

If you want to stick it on your child, it is best to do it right after he falls asleep, and let it sit there for 2-3 hours, then you can remove it, it will help more than you think.

While this is the way for children, adults may keep it through the whole night, and if you want to boost the effect and provide more benefits, put a little mustard powder into the mixture.

You should be aware that you will sweat very much through out the night, so you want to protect your sheets somehow because they will get wet.

The honey wraps have the ability to provide wonderful effects for your health, because of their properties, they are anti-inflammatory and they provide a warming effect. You will see the results of the wrap, right after you remove it, we were not joking when we said that it acts over one night. Even if you had the disease for a longer period, and it cannot be stopped even with medications, you will need one night with this wrap. They will fight the disease very easily and will cause no complications.

After the first compress you will feel the difference right away, in order to make this treatment heal you 100% you need to keep it up for a few days, and don’t skip a day.


Mostly the Honey wraps are used for colds or coughs, and be careful not to use it on your child if he is 6 months or younger. And be very aware and careful, the child must not have any skin disease or an injury on the skin.

Source: Natural Organic Health