How Can We Know What Our Biological Age Is?

The condition of our health and our body refers to our biological age, which is sometimes different from our current (chronological) age.

According to scientists, the biological age means how old our body is and the chronological age means the life’s length of the body. There are some ways from which you can find out what your biological age is.

The chromosomes have protective ends, called telomeres and their purpose is to prevent the fusion of the ends of two different chromosomes which are neighbors or deteriorating. This actually has a huge effect on the death of the cells and the speed of their aging.

The founder of the Grossman Wellness Center in Denver and also a medical director, Dr. Terry Grossman claimed that every time a cell was divided a telomere bead fell off from the end of the chromosome. Actually the biological age and the telomere length are deeply connected.

The longer you live, the chronological age increases, while on the other hand the telomeres have a shorter length.

But besides that, you may discover your biological age at home and it is very easy. The test which requires a little bit of flexibility will provide quite good results.

Do a few slow jumping jacks and stretch the whole body, that way you will boost the blood flow in your muscles.
Stand tall, bend your hips while your feet are joined together, then try to touch your toes with your hands. Even if you cannot, try to reach as further as possible. If you are feeling a lot of pain or any type of discomfort, bend your knees a little bit.

Then you can compare your results with the ones below:

  • If you were able to touch your toes with your hands, without bending your knees, than you are about 20 to 25 years, but only if you weren’t feeling any discomfort or pain in your muscles.
  • If you slightly bent your knees in order to touch the ground or your toes with your hands than you are about 35 to 38 years old.
  • No matter if you were bending or keeping your legs straight, if you were feeling any type of discomfort, than you are between 38 and 50 years.
  • If you weren’t able to touch the ground or your toes with your hands, even without a slight bending, and you felt pain that made you want to go up in the standing position, than you are about 50 years or older.

What is your biological age?

If you want to boost your flexibility or tone your muscles a little bit, than it would be wise to perform some stretches on daily basis. If you are on a healthy diet, you exercise every now and then and you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle, than the length of your telomeres will be maintainer.