How to Lower Blood Pressure Before Relying on Medications

Uncontrolled high blood pressure, should be considered as a serious health condition, because it may lead to a lot of heart diseases, also it increases the risk of having a stroke. But don’t panic, everything is in your hands. If you have a proper diet, exercise daily and learn how to manage your stress, you can lower your blood pressure and prevent from many heart diseases.

Use these guidelines to protect yourself, or someone close to you which is suffering from high blood pressure. There are more articles on our site beside this one, that can help you prevent from high blood pressure. It is very easily treated, but if you ignore it, it may cause serious problems in your cardiovascular system.

The diet you are using, will lower or raise your Blood Pressure

If you are on a low fat and high grain regimen, than we have some bad news about that, because this regimen is a prescription for hypertension and can affect your health in a bad way.

A research that was done in 1998, which was also published in the journal “Diabetes”, found out that nearly 2/3 of the subjects which were studied, were resistant to insulin (IR), they also had high blood pressure, also the resistance of insulin is directly bonded to high grain diet, high sugar, especially if it is accompanied by bad exercise. So if you are experiencing hypertension, surely you have uncontrolled sugar levels which are very low or very high, it has always been like that, they go hand in hand.

Your blood pressure elevates, as the levels of insulin rise.

Dr. Ron Rosedale, who is a famous metabolic and nutritional expert in medicine, explained that magnesium is stored by insulin. You urinate the magnesium and cannot store it in your body, because of your insulin receptors, which are blunted and the cells become resistant to insulin. Muscles can be relaxed from the magnesium which is stored inside your cells. If the levels of magnesium in your body are very low, your muscles and vessels will be far from relaxed. This will lead to losing your energy, and your blood pressure will rise. The blood pressure can be also affected by insulin, by causing it to retain sodium. In case of sodium retention, it leads to fluid retention, and fluid retention causes high blood pressure and this can very easily lead to a heart failure. If the hypertension you are experiencing is directly bonded with the high blood pressure, then if you normalize your levels of blood sugar, this will lead to lowering the blood pressure in a healthy way.

Your blood pressure will skyrocket from Fructose

The first thing you want to do is, remove all of the sugar and grains from the diet you are on, mostly the fructose, you should continue doing this until the blood pressure is stable and normal. How to remove grains and sugars? Reduce eating any type of bread, corn, rice, potatoes or pasta, these are the main things that cause the insulin levels to rise, and the insulin causes high blood pressure.

A study was published from 2010, in which was discovered that, consuming 74g of fructose daily, increased the risk of having high blood pressure for 77%  (160/100 mmHg). To compare, normal levels of of blood pressure should be below 120/80 mmHg. Also consuming 74 g of fructose or more in one day, increased the risk of 140/90 by 30% and 135/85 by 26%.

This is frightening, because every citizen of the U.S is consuming 70g or more of fructose, daily!

When consumed, fructose is breaking into many waste product which are very bad for our body, one of them is uric acid. Uric acid causes your blood pressure to rise, because it inhibits the nitric oxide in the blood vessels. Why is nitric oxide so important? Well it helps the blood vessels to stay elastic, so that leads to increasing of the blood pressure. According to many studies, the high levels of uric acid is leading to hypertension. For more of the connection between the hypertension, uric acid and fructose, please continue reading, it is explained in depth.

When Dr. Richard Johnson was interviewed, which is the leading medical researcher in his field, also said the same things about the dangers and risks for our health that are bonded with our high blood pressure, especially when it is bonded with our fructose consuming.

Our recommended Fructose Allowance

We recommend you to, keep your total consumption in one day, as low as 25 grams. But, since a can of soda contains 40g of sugar in it,and half of it is fructose, a single can of soda can exceed the daily allotment.

But some people are even aware, that from one fruit they are consuming 15 g of fructose or less, these are the hidden sources of fructose, and they are mostly in every processed food you eat today.

15 grams of fructose is not a lot, it represents 1/3 cup of raisins, 2 bananas, or simply 2 Medjool dates. In the book named “The Sugar Fix”, Dr. Johnson has detailed every table that shows the fructose content in many foods, so that’s why we have included samples in the article below.

Additional Dietary Considerations

  1. Eliminate caffeine – Not everyone understands the bond between high blood pressure and the consumption of caffeine, but there is some evidence that show, if you are experiencing hypertension, caffeinated drinks, mostly coffee can make the situation worse. Caffeine is a drug, and since it is legal to be consumed, it can have a big effect on your psychology. If you want to reduce the consumption of caffeine or completely get rid of it, do it over a longer period, days or weeks, that way you will prevent from negative effects, like headaches and insomnia.
  2. Normalize the omega 6:3 ratio – The omega-6 and omega-3 fats, are both good and essential for your health. But most of the Americans, are consuming a lot of omega-6 and very small amounts of omega-3. The best way to relieve from insulin resistance, is to consume more omega-3 fats, that way you will re-sensitize your receptors for insulin. Omega-6 fats are mostly contained in the canola, soy, corn and the oil from sunflower. If you think you are consuming way too much of these oils, you would want to lower the consumption. On the other hand omega-3 fats are mostly contained in fish and walnut oil, flax-seed oil, fish is the best source for them. But, most of the fresh fish that is caught today, is containing dangerous levels of mercury. So it is best, to find a good source of fish somewhere, or if it is too hard for you, replace it with krill oil (high quality). The krill oil was found to be 48 times more potent than the fish oil.
  3. Consume Fermented Foods – The differences in gut flora, from person to person is huge, so it has a large effect on whether you develop or you don’t develop a heart disease, or any other chronic illnesses. To optimize the gut flora, is very easy, start consuming more fermented foods, include them in your diet. Fermented foods such as yogurt, natto, fermented vegetables, and kefir. The fermented foods are very beneficial, because a lot of them store huge amounts of vitamin K2, and this vitamin can help you prevent from heart diseases and arterial plaque buildups.

Use exercise as a Drug

Exercising is considered as a legal “drug”, so use it, because the side-effects that it provides are the ones you want to experience. Besides the reason you start to exercise, the benefits that will be provided from the exercising will be rewarded in many ways, and your body will be very thankful.

Programs such as Peak Fitness program, which are very comprehensive, are very important in the process of producing long-term benefits, especially for those with high blood pressure. Also every program, should contain burst-type and anaerobic sprint exercises, from 1 to 3 times a week. These exercise were proven to be the ones that reduce the risk of getting a heart attack, or dying from it.

If your organism is resistant to insulin, you should include training with weights in your daily exercises. When you are training individual muscles, that increases the blood flow in them. The insulin sensitivity can be increased with good blood flow. When you want to increase the intensity of the exercises you are doing, first make sure you consult with a health care specialist, because it depends on your physical condition, because increasing the intensity causes to lower your levels of insulin. Exercising, accompanied with L-arginine, has shown to be a corrector of the abnormal functions of the blood vessels, especially in people with chronic heart issues. Therefore, we consider this more as a drug, that can optimize your health, and it is not a necessary supplement you should consider. L-arginine interacts mostly with nitric oxide. This should be considered as an adjunct, not as a replacement for the coenzyme Q10, which is a perfect therapy for heart issues.

Optimize Your Vitamin D Levels

Many do not believe this fact, but the further you are from the equator, the percentage of risk increases of getting high blood pressure. Also you should know that the blood pressure is a lot higher during the winter, than in the summer.

The sunlight can affect our blood pressure in many ways, here are some of them:

  • The resistance of insulin is directly connected with the deficiency of vitamin D, also with the Metabolic syndrome. Many health issues, including the resistance of insulin can increase the bad cholesterol, obesity, triglyceride and high blood pressure.
  • Exposing to the sun, will make the vitamin D levels to rise up. So the less you get out in the sun, the levels of vitamin D, go lower and lower, that can cause increasing of the parathyroid hormone production, and that leads to increasing the blood pressure.
  • According to studies, being exposed to UV rays, is causing the release of the endorphins, which are chemicals that are contained in your brain which provide feelings like pain relief and euphoria. Endorphins are the ones that can naturally manage the stress and reduce it, so they are playing a potent role in the case of hypertension.
  • The thing that regulates the blood pressure is called the renin-angiotensin system (RAS), which is negatively affected by vitamin D. If you are in a lack of vitamin D, you might experience unnatural and inappropriate activation of the RAS, which also leads to hypertension.

To stabilize your health, not only your blood pressure levels, you should expose your self to the sun as often as you can, it will normalize many other things as well. To help your organs to function properly, you should accumulate as much vitamin D as you can. You can do that by safe exposure to the sun in the morning or on the sunset, or simply find a safe tanning bed. The D3 vitamin is also good for our use. But don’t ever let a doctor, prescribe you vitamin D, because that is vitamin D2, which is synthetic, and it is nothing similar to the vitamin you need, it doesn’t provide any health benefits as it should, as the vitamin D3.

If you decide to consume vitamin D3 orally, be very careful, test your vitamin D levels very often, to prevent from overdose. This is the main reason why we tell you to consume vitamin D through the sun exposure, because there is no chance of overdosing if you are accumulating it that way.

Controlling Your Stress is Crucial

One in every three U.S citizens, have high blood pressure and are experiencing hypertension, and some of them even are in battle with mental and emotional stress every day.

Do you think these two conditions are somehow connected?

Of course they are. As ABC world news reported on September 16, 2010, a cardiologist believes that the bond between hypertension and stress is undeniable, but it still dosn’t receive the deserved emphasis. Dr. Kennedy responded on this, with a stress-relieving technique which he called “15 minute Heart Cure”, it is contained of creative visualization and breathing techniques, and the most positive thing about this technique is that you can do it anywhere you want, at any time. The techniques learns you how to relax and slow down when you are stressed out – it affects your physical stress reaction, and protects your health.

Also we recommend you the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), it is very easy to learn and very easy to do, it will provide amazing effects and will help you release your negative emotions. EFT includes relaxed breathing, visualization, while you tap gently to reprogram, while seated.

Lower your Blood Pressure naturally

Many supplements can be very helpful, but be very careful not to be used as a substitute, only for the basic life choices that are the real causes for the problem. Taking not prescribed supplements or medications, without changing your lifestyle, is same as using drugs. That is why, in most cases they are not effective at all. After you have made some changes in the way you live your life, you can try using some of the supplements below, to improve your health:

  • Vitamin E and C: To lower your blood pressure, studies have shown that the C and E vitamin can be very helpful in hat case. You should be aware, to consume same amounts of these vitamins through your diet. If you want to take supplements from these vitamins, make sure they are natural, non-synthetic form of the vitamin E. You can make sure what you buy, by reading the label on the back. The synthetic form of the vitamin E is listed as “dl-“, on the other hand the natural form of the vitamin is listed as “d-” form.
  • Magnesium and Calcium: Also these two supplements, can be very effective in lowering the blood pressure, especially if your blood pressure is dangerously high. Avoiding grains and sugars and eating Nutritionally (see above), these two supplements will be needed!
  • Electrical acupuncture: Electrical stimulation accompanied by acupuncture, has shown to be able to lower your blood pressure, for animals as much as 50%. It is currently on human trials, and it is about to be released for human use, because it has proven to be an effective way to lower the blood pressure with no medication.
  • Olive leaf extract: According to a study which was done in 2008, consuming 1000 mg of olive leaf extract in a day, constantly for 8 weeks, it can help with the cases of LDL (bad cholesterol) and high blood pressure, especially for those who experience hypertension. If you want to add this oil to your diet, try looking for fresh leaf liquid extracts to increase the synergistic potency. Prepare your own olive leaf tea, by adding a tablespoon of dry olive leaves in a bowl of boiling water. The bowl should be filled 2/4 with water, then add the dry leaves and let it inside for 10 minutes. When you want to drink it, the tea should be on a room temperature, not too hot and not too cold.
  • Quick tricks: If you increase the levels of nitric monoxide in your body, it will cause the blood vessels to be more open and this will lower the blood pressure. To increase this compound in your body you can try breathing through your one nostril, taking a warm bath, and eating a bitter melon, which is rich with vitamin C and amino acids.
  • Breastfeeding: According to studies, babies who were breastfed for more than a year, have a lot lower percentage of risk of developing hypertension. Researchers are sure that long-chain polyunsaturated fat acids, which are only found in fatty fish and breast milk, are providing these protective effects.

High blood pressure is an epidemic today, just like obesity, and like obesity, your best chance of treating it, is to do the necessary adjustments and make a few changes in your lifestyle.

To approach your illnesses naturally, when you are dealing with one, is always a better solution. If you are dealing with high blood pressure, make some changes in your life, normalize your insulin levels, with these tips that we gave you, you will be able to return to your full health in a completely natural way!

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