How to Make Nettle Leaf Tea to Help Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

The Stinging Nettle is also known as “Urtica dioica” which actually is a perennial flowering plant. It is native to Northern Africa, also the U.S, Canada, Europe and Asia.

This plant usually appears in the same place, where it was the year before, and mostly that happens in the groves. This plant is used as a natural medicine. Actually, its leaves are containing a lot of medical properties, and they are very helpful.

Its leaves are one of the richest sources for minerals like cobalt, chromium, iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium, copper and silicon, and also it is very high in chlorophyll. The leaves are also containing huge amounts of some vitamins like, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A and vitamin K and D.

Benefits of the Nettle Tea

Numerous  health benefits can be provided from the Nettle Tea, that is made out of the plant’s leaves. This tea is also helpful for the neutralization of the toxic antigens in our bodies, and it is wonderful and strong immunity booster!

This plant is also containing big amounts of anti-inflammatory agents which are helpful for the cytokines. Which is actually the main component of the process of inflammation.

You can prevent from many diseases with the tea of this plant, from diseases such as sinus infections, chronic headaches, fatigue and sore throats. But not only that, the nettles are also helpful against viral and bacterial infections. Also the tea has the role of a natural diuretic, therefore it is able to remove excess fluids from our body.

Some digestive problems or issues can be solved with the nettle tea. Digestive problems such as, nausea, colitis, acid reflux and flatulence. And the tea will also reduce the need of the night time urination.

Benefits of the Nettle Tea for People with Diabetes

It is said that these leaves can be very beneficial for people who are dealing with diabetes. It has been proven that the nettle tea is able to reduce the blood glucose levels in people with diabetes.

Therefore, this tea is very helpful for people with diabetes. But however, the people who are dealing with this issue, they should consult with their doctor first, before adding this tea in their regular diet. Or simply they might visit a medical herbalist, who is qualified and trained for that kind of diagnose.

How To Make Nettle Leaf Tea

First fill a larger pot with water, put it on heat and add the nettle leaves in when the water starts to boil. Use 1 cup of leaves, for 2 cups of water. Make the tea stronger by steeping it a little bit longer, or make it weaker by adding more water, it is yours to decide.

When you cook the leaves for a while, lower the heat and you need to simmer for 2-3 minutes. Also there is another positive thing, once the leaves are cooked, you can eat them.

You can eat the cooked leaves with a little bit of butter, or you can use them as a seasoning in soups and stews. If you really decide to eat them, first you need to check if there are any stings on the leaves.

Caution: Be very aware that when your body tries something new, it first needs to be introduced to it, and then kept consuming more frequently. So, this means that you won’t be needing more than one or two cups on daily basis.

If your body haven’t been introduced or familiar with nettles, you need to use small amounts of the tea. We hope you have learned how and what for, the nettle tea can be used.

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