How to Remove Mold from the Washing Machine to Prevent Respiratory and Skin Infections

Your washing machine was made to clean your clothes, therefore you can disinfect it and make it smell very pleasant. But a lot of people’s washing machines are doing everything but cleaning their clothes, this is because of the bacteria-laden mold buildups, which are the ones that make your clothes have a moldy scent and not clean them well.

Mold In your Washing Machine

The perfect ground for mold accumulation is your washing machine. Because the machine makes an environment that is warm and humid which allows the mold to grow, it is the perfect environment for it. If you front load your washing machine, you are very likely to provide mold accumulation in it, because the washing machines have an air-tight rubber which stops the moisture from leaving the washing machine, therefore the mold is forced to stay inside it.

Besides that it is very gross looking and it smells bad, the mold that sticks to your clothes can cause the appearance of many health issues. A lot of people are very sensitive when they come in contact with mold, also this may cause a lot of allergic symptoms like, itchy eyes, skin irritation, wheezing and congestion.

If someone is really allergic to mold, or if a person is constantly exposed to mold in higher amounts, the mold can also cause very serious issues that are harmful for us. The mold is able to provide shortness of breath, fevers, of your lungs may be affected by the mold you breathe in.

How To Get Rid of Washing Machine Mold?

Mold in general, but mostly washing machine mold can be very hard to eliminate. Because no matter how much you try to remove the mold from your washing machine, you can only get the part that is visible for the eye, but looking in microscopical levels there may still be mold leftovers, it is very likely to survive even the hardest cleaning process. This will cause mold appearance after a very short period of time again!

This is the main reason, why you will need to use powerful disinfectants and anti-fungals when you are cleaning the mold from your washing machine. But not every mold cleaner on the market is good, because many of them contain a lot of harmful chemicals that may cause damage to your organs and your respiratory system, as much as mold is able to do the same.

Which is why we decided to show you a completely chemical-free mold cleaner that will help you get rid of the mold for a long period of time. The mold cleaner is very easy to prepare, and it requires only 2 (all-natural) ingredients. It requires only Lemon Juice and Vinegar.

We all know that the Vinegar is a powerful anti-fungal, even more effective than most of the medical anti-fungals that are often prescribed. This anti-fungal will not provide any side effects, and it is very cheap and everyone can afford to buy it. This makes it even better than the anti-fungals you can find on the market, which in fact are full of harmful chemicals.

Almost everybody knows that the Lemon Juice is one of the most powerful, natural antibacterial and anti-fungal substances. Also a lot of people have been using it to disinfect moist and water conditions as well, which makes it perfect for the use of mold cleansing in your washing machine. The lemon will not only get rid of the mold, but it will also leave a very pleasant and lemony smell in the washing machine.

The Lemon-Vinegar Mixture That is Able to Eliminate Mold

The process of making this natural mold cleaner is very easy and it requires a few minutes of your time only.

Make a mixture of a quarter cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice with a cup of distilled white vinegar.

Put it in a spray bottle and shake it so that the ingredients mix well. Then you can spray the mixture in the places where the mold is most concentrated. Once you have sprayed in those areas let it act for about half an hour.

Then use a napkin or an old towel and sip some of the mixture on it, then rub the areas with the mold until it comes off completely.

But this doesn’t mean that you got rid of the mold forever. It would be wise to check your washing machine few times a year, especially if it is an older one. Checking for mold accumulation will also prevent from bigger buildups.