How To Store Your Onions and Garlic the Correct Way So They Last For Months

One of the healthiest foods mother nature has offered us, are the Garlic and Onion. So make sure, these two are present in your diet and in your kitchen at all times. They are also called the “king and queen” of our kitchen, adding them to your meals will provide many health benefits and a wonderful taste.

Both of these vegetables are members of the Allium family, and if you consume them on daily basis they can provide some pretty impressive health benefits like, boost your blood circulation, lower the risk of many heart diseases such as, strokes and heart attacks, and they also have the ability to fight infections.

They boost your health in many ways, due to their richness with many vitamins and minerals.

If you want your onions and garlic to remain fresh for a longer period, try using this trick, here is the proper way to do that:

The ingredients you will need:

  • Garlic and onions (free of blemishes, and firm)
  • Lunch paper bags
  • Paper clips, to close the bags


Make a lot of holes on the upper half of the paper bag, to have a good ventilation. Also you can pop the bag from the side, when you fold it lengthwise, do it on the other side as well. And try to leave an inch between the holes.

Than fold the bag in half, and over the top, then use the paper clips to clip the top on the bottom.

You may keep these bags in your kitchen, but make sure they are not exposed directly to the sunlight.

If you store these veggies like this, you will have them fresh at any time, and they can keep their freshness for a long period, sometimes months, depending on the atmosphere in the kitchen.