Magic Cabbage Wrap: Wrap Your Leg For Just 1 Hour to Relieve Joint and Muscle Pain

This natural healing method will help get rid of your joint pain.

Besides the ability of helping many people to lose weight, the cabbage actually contains a lot more benefits than you think.

Containing many nutrients which are so beneficial, the cabbage is able to help you and your body in thousands of ways.

Because of its richness with antioxidants, the cabbage is perfect for skin complains, when you include it in your diet, it will help with the appearance of your skin and it will improve your general health.

Besides the antioxidants, it is rich with potassium, iron, and many vitamins which help your body to be in a top form , also it can help the body and the organism if it is weak, from exertion or exercise.

The compressing method we are about to show you, is very simple. you just apply the cabbage directly on your body where the affected area is, it helps for pain relief in the joints, it reduces the pain and swelling on injured parts of your body, they boost all of these processes due to the richness with vitamins, they get into your blood through the skin as you apply it directly.

Vegetables like sprouts and cabbage are directly linked to the treatment and prevention to some cancers.

There are many types of cabbages, they are all available on the market, but none of them have the same benefits or taste the same, mostly the red cabbage is recommended for this organic compress.

How to Make Your Own Cabbage Wrap


  • A gauze or a bandage
  • Aluminum foil
  • Cabbage (recommended red)


Only the outer leaf of the cabbage is used, take it out, wash it, then let it dry for a while and then the hard stem should be removed.

Roll a pin over the leaf, that way you will make the juice to come out of the leaf. Then you wrap it in the aluminum foil and you put it in the oven for a few minutes, when it is a little warm, take it out and put it directly on your affected area.

Then use the gauze or bandage to secure it, to make sure it doesn’t move.

Leave it to act for 1 hour, after that remove it. Repeat this 2-3 times on daily basis.

If the cabbage is kept in a cold place, it increases its level of soothing the compress, so it is best to keep it in your refrigerator, and when you need to do the compress, repeat the process.