Neuroscientists Have Issued A Warning – Here’s How Much You Should Sleep If You’re A Woman!

Sleep is vital since it enables our body to heal, reset and recover its mental and physical well-being.

Thus, our general health relies on sleep, rest and relaxation, because it is in those moments that our body processes the necessary nutrients and recharges the organs and cells, for the purpose of supplying them with the required energy and prevents health problems from occurring.

Experts advise that 8-hours of sleep each night are the optimal amount of sleep we need, however, not long ago, after numerous conducted studies, it was discovered that women actually need more.

It seems as though, beauty sleep was not only a myth after all, and women require more sleep time in order to improve their skin’s quality and appearance.

The two genders are different in quite a lot of ways, and because of the females’ higher brain activity, their bodies also need more time to recover and recharge, which is done during the process of sleeping.

You like what you hear, don’t you?

Well, ladies, although you might not have that additional time in the day to do everything you want and should, you won’t be able to do it with just 8 hours of sleep or less! Try to go to bed earlier or stay in and see just how much more productive and efficient you are going to be, and not to mention, well rested!