Old Italian Folk Remedy Kills MRSA (Antibiotic Resistant Staph Infections). In A Single Dose!

Leaves from Chestnut have been used for treating skin infections from long ago, they were used as a traditional cure and now people are becoming more and more interested every day, and all of this is because of an exciting research that was led by an ethnobotanist at the Emory University, Cassandra Quave. What’s breath taking about this cure is that instead of killing staph, it works in a different way, by taking away the ability of the Staphlococcus aureus to create the toxins that are causing damage to our tissues.

In the U.S nearly 23,000 deaths and millions of illnesses are caused due to the resistance to antibiotics. This was told by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But since this leaf has the ability to block the Staphlococcus aureus pathogenesis and virulence without any resistance to antibiotics, it becomes the most potent treatment for preventing from infections from methicillin-resistant S.aureus, or also known as MRSA, with not fueling the problem of drug-resistant pathogens.

C.Quave became quickly famous and did a lot of interviews, most of them were in Italy where the locals have told her how to make tea from these leaves and how to wash their skin if they want to treat any skin inflammations and infections.

94 chemicals were extracted from the leaves of this tree by the researchers, and they concluded that oleanene and ursene were the most active compounds in the leaf.

According to the testings, the smallest dose of 50 micrograms, successfully cleared MRSA skin lesions on a lab mice, while stopping red blood cell and tissue damage. This extract cannot lose its activity or become resistant, even after two weeks of constant intake and exposure. And the human testings in the lab, showed that treating skin infections with this natural cure is not harming any skin cells or normal skin micro-flora.

Here is a short video about how this natural folk remedy actually works, take a look.

Chestnut Leaf Extract can kill MRSA with a single dose!

Below you have a wonderful video by MountainRoseHerbs, where it is explained how to make herbal tinctures at home by yourself!


Source: expand-your-consciousness.com