Once You Learn This Bedtime Technique, You’ll Be Able to Fall Asleep In Minutes

Are you having trouble falling asleep at night? Is your life affected by the lack of sleep? Well if you do, you are in luck because we have the perfect and “magical” solution for you!

We found a technique you need to preform, if you want to fall asleep easy after a minute or so, after you close your eyes.

Sleeping or rest is playing one of the most important roles in our overall health, because this is the only time our body recovers or repairs from the damage that was done to it from the day you had. Numerous health issues and disease may occur, due to sleep deficiency, such as poor memory, concentration problems, focus, lack of energy, etc.

It is about time to stop wasting the time you are trying to fall asleep, and give this new technique a try, and get into a deep sleep for at least 8 hours!

Here is what you need to do:

1. Preparation

Maximize your comfort, you can do this by going in the most comfy position, this is the preparation you need.

2. Feel the Body

Try to feel every part of your body, try to focus on the air flow, the air that goes in and out of your body, then take 3 deep breaths. Inhale through the nose, and try to feel every atom of oxygen going in your nose all the way down to your lungs and then exhale through your mouth.

3. Relax

Then try focusing on each body part for a few seconds, for example on your legs, then your hands and so on. This will help you scan the whole body, and it will help you to relax and feel calm.

4. Repeat

After you have done these steps, repeat them once more. Repeat and try to include every body part from toe to head, and if you forget a part through the process, don’t worry just relax, then do it once more. To make your muscle-mind connection stronger repeat this procedure for a few times, it will also help you relax your body and make you feel very calm.

Don’t let this be frustrating for you, if you are feeling frustration over something, just do this technique, it will help you for sure. Try doing this technique for 7 days, you will notice that the more the technique is practiced, the time you need to fall asleep will be reduced more and more.

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Source: fitlife.tv