Spray This In Your In Your Home And There Will Be No Mosquitoes Cockroaches And Flies In 2 Hours

Although there are numerous products against mosquitos on the market shelves, they are rich in various chemicals which cause a lot of side effects. They can be harmful for our health since our skin absorbs those chemicals which contain a lot of toxins and dangerous ingredients.

Studies proved that people having higher concentration of cholesterol or steroids on the skin surface, are more prone to mosquitos bites. The same applies even for that group of people who produce bigger amounts of uric acid and for people who generate larger quantities of carbon dioxide.

Although all of us hate the feeling of a mosquito bite because is itchy, we need to learn how to protect ourselves from them, since mosquito bites can cause even more serious diseases, such as:

-Rift Valley Fever (weakness, eye damage, dizziness)

-West Nile (rashes, joint pain, fever, vomiting)

-Dengue (hemorrhagic fever)

-Jamestown Canyon Virus (flu-like symptoms)

-Zika (birth defects)

-Malaria (vomiting, chills,fever)

-La Crosse Encephalitis (rashes, vomiting, dizziness)

-Snowshoe Hare Virus (rashes, vomiting, dizziness)

-Chikungunya (rashes, nausea, joint pain)

-Yellow Fever (chills, vomiting, jaundice)

Flies, mosquitoes, and cockroaches are attracted by unclean and dirty homes. Therefore, clean and organized house will definitely prevent the occurrence of these nasty pests, because once they are in the house, it’s very difficult for you to get rid of them. Usually, people call the exterminator in such cases, but it’s super expensive.

Fortunately, in this article we are going to show you how to make a homemade spray which will destroy the pests within a few hours!


  • ½ cup of vinegar
  • ½ cup of olive oil
  • ½ a cup of a shampoo


Pour all of the ingredients in a spray bottle and then spray the places where are the most visited by the pests. This mixture will not do any harm over your health, but it will eliminate the pests within a couple of hours! Try it and you will be astonished by the results!

Source: healthyfoodchoices365.com