Studies Show That Husbands Stress Women Twice As Many As Children

It is since the beginning of mankind, the women has been playing a more directly and engaged role in a child’s life. In ancestral era, where men used to go out and hunt to bring food to the caves, women used to stay in the caves collecting vegetables and fruits, and used to take care of the children they had, while the men were out.

It was the same until women gained the right to work and earn their own salary just like the men did, that was about a few centuries ago.

You may ask your great-grandmother or your grandmother, and she will tell you that she used to stay at home take care of the children, and the house, while your grandfather was working and earning salary.

Training or parenting your child is never an easy task, it never was. But women or mothers have a special gift that they can develop with a lot of experience.

Taking care of the many tasks they accepted on, is more than having a full time job, they accept the responsibility for all of the tasks in the moment they become mothers.

The most difficult and stressful part of the tasks is to confront every stage of the child, and every stage is difficult in its own way. But nothing is impossible, mothers put a lot of effort, love and dedication to achieve the goal, which makes them really admirable.

Have you ever wondered, How can husbands collaborate?

The real reason for stress in parenting is the lack of support

Parenting should be done by both of the parents, the mother and the father to up bring and teach the child. But as always, somehow the harder tasks and the greater responsibility falls on the mother.

According to studies, a husband can stress out more than a child, and 45% of the mothers that participated in the studies confirmed the same.

When you finally meet with your life partner it’s completely normal to build a together life that both of you dreamed of, to live together, have the house of your dreams and have children.

Very rarely, women ask their husbands if they really want to put everything on them, to accomplish the plans they putted together. A very obvious question.

But the surprise is even bigger when that doesn’t happen. Then many women can confirm the same that their stress in their upbringing is because of the husbands don’t support them enough.

Therefore, men defended themselves with the fact that even if they offered help, the women refused by thinking they would be able to solve all problems with the child alone.

But with proper communication and consulting both parties can be understood and the problems would be solved, as the many misunderstandings too. The stress you have is not healthy at all, and is not good for parenting.