Taking Ibuprofen For Just A Week May Increase Your Risk of Heart Attack by 50%

A team was formed from Finnish, German and Canadian researchers. Their goal was to learn how the taking of NSAIDs like naproxen and ibuprofen on regular basis could affect our heart health. Their study was published in May 2017, and they concluded that NSAIDs can drastically increase the risk of a heart attack or a stroke, if taken for even one week. The risk of heart attack and the consumption of NSAIDs came in hand, increasing their intake, also increased the risk.

So instead of taking these NSAID painkillers, which can provide numerous side-effects, people should think more of the natural remedies and ways to cure their issue and get a pain relief for a longer period of time, with no side-effects provided!

11 Natural Substitutes that Could Replace Ibuprofen Completely


The ginger is one of the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory ingredients. There is a study from 2013 that has proven that the ginger is providing more positive effects in relieving from pain than the ibuprofen. While the Advil and Tylenol are stopping the process of creation of inflammatory compounds, the ginger is stopping this formation as well, and also breaks down already existing acidity and inflammation fluid in our joints, all of this is due to its high containment of antioxidants. Taking 20 mg of ginger extract, you will be able to get a relief from PMS pain, or if you apply ginger topically you will be able to relieve from carpal tunnel syndrome, small injuries and even arthritis pain.


The Boswellia serrata tree is a natuve to India, and the Boswellia is its product. This ingredient is high in Boswellic acid, which is the active compound in it and it can prevent from the accumulation of white blood cells which mostly cause inflammation, and improve your blood flow in the joints which will offer a pain relief fast!

Olive Oil

This oil has very powerful anti-inflammatory properties, just as much as the ibuprofen has!

White Willow Bark

These herbs can also help in the treatment of osteoarthritis, it dosen’t mean that the osteoarthritis can only be treated with ibuprofen. Therefore, you can try to use white willow bark if you want to get a quick pain relief, because it is a natural painkiller with strong and powerful abilities.


The capsaicin is made from chili peppers, if the pepper is hotter, the more capsaicin it contains. You can see this plant included in many creams and gels that should be applied topically, because it is able to threat small aches and arthritis pain. The substance P’s function is most effectively stopped by capsaicin (the substance P is a hormone that sends pain signals to the brain).


The turmeric has an active compound which is very beneficial, you surely have hard of curcumin. This plant is also native to India, and it has been used for many centuries as a natural remedy because of its powerful anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antioxidant properties!

Holy Basil

Holy Basil can provide effects as much as the ibuprofen when inflammation is questioned.

Topical Arnica

This is a flower that is native to Europe, mostly it is included in products like creams and gels that are added topically to offer a relief from pain and smaller aches. Also full-strength arnica can be used to provide a pain relief. According to a study from 2007, the gel from arnica was proven to be just as effective as ibuprofen, when it came from relieving from pain from osteoarthritis in the hands.

Cat’s Claw

This plant was the only one that was proven to be the most similar to ibuprofen, it also has a medical name “Uncaria Tomentosa” and one other name “Una De Gato”. This plant is only found in South America, and it is the only one with that much stron anti-inflammatory properties, and it has an anti-inflammatory compound that is able to hinder the production of the prostaglandin hormone. This pains an instant pain relief, if you take the dosage 1000 mg, 3 times a day, you will get rid of the pain forever.

Omega 3-fatty acids

These fatty acids are able to help patients that suffer from arthritis, and also heave numerous healing abilities.


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