This Is The Reason Why Grandparents Who Babysit Live Longer

Many people agree with the fact, that the family is the most important thing in life. But with the everyday stresses and pressure, it can be easy to forget about the people who taught you and made you the person you are today – your parents and grandparents. Both sides, you and your parents or grandparents can improve your physical and mental health by being present in each other’s lives.

Why It’s Good To Keep In Contact With Your Parents And Grandparents

According to some studies disability and death, are not just biological, and they can also be caused by loneliness and sadness. Loneliness doesn’t always mean that you have nobody in your life, sometimes it can mean absence of people you love and care about.

The study also has shown that, being isolated and being left out without any company, can cause serious difficulties in preforming everyday tasks and can sometimes decrease the mobility. The study said that for people who are 60 years or older, are more likely to experience these health issues and death, if they are lonely and sad.

Spending Time With Your Mom Is Good For You

A study was performed on 5th and 6th grader. The study has shown that if a child has a lack of community with his mother is more lonely and sad. On the other hand if a child was more connected or bonded with his mother, it felt more secure and confident in every step, and was more friendly than the other children who didn’t.

You can’t always have a positive relationship or not argue with your parents, but you can try to keep the vibe up and have good moments from time to time. A study has shown that a negative experience can lead to a lot of irritation, stressful thoughts and stressful encounter.

Therefore, to prevent from bad experiences, it is enough to share a laugh or an enjoyable interaction. If everyone was willing to share a positive vibe, and wanted to share a happy thought, there would not be any bad experience.

What About Grandparents?

Some people say that the only thing that matters is the child-parent relationship, but they are wrong. The relationship child-grandparent matters equally as the other relationship. Even if everyone doesn’t have a healthy relationship with their grandparents, it is good to keep it as good as with your parents. Whether you are in the position of a child or a grandparent, hopefully the following paragraphs of the article will help you to nurture your relationship.

Healthy Grandchild-Grandparent Relationships Mean Healthier Lives

A study was done in 2014 by a Boston College, and the study has shown that both the grandparent and grandchildren had a huge influence on each other’s lives and happiness.

The study also told that relationships of that sort, long-term are becoming more and more common. It is true that both grandchildren and grandparents have a huge impact on both of their mental and physical health.

Grandchild-Grandparent Relationships: What Did They Find?

A study included 356 adult grandchildren and 374 grandparents, they collected data from each one of them between 1985 and 2004. The study found out that strong grandchildren-grandparent relationships for almost a two decade timespan, resulted in less depression and sadness.

For grandparents, the symptoms of depression and sadness increased when they were in the thinking for money, rides to the sore, assistance with household chores and advice.

The saying “it is better to give than to receive”, seems to be true. Grandparents feel less stressful and better when they give to their grandchildren, and it is for a good reason!

The parents who gave and received tangible support during the research, they have not experienced any depression symptoms in the last 2 decades.  A professor of psychology at the Boston college, named Sara M. Moorman, said that this should encourage more grandchildren and grandparents to nurture their relationships and give and receive from each other.

The greater the support is between the grandchildren and grandparents, the lower the risk is to provide depressive symptoms, and bad health.

What This Means for Parents

Another study in the University of Jerusalem, has shown that parents are playing a very important role in the relationship of grandparents and grandchildren.

Parents in fact are the gatekeepers of the relationships between grandchildren and their parents. Also parents should be very aware that they are playing a very important role in their children’s lives. So parents should avoid the situations of a divorce or remarriage. In some situations kids feel more free to open up to their grandparents than to their parents, so that’s why they share their dilemmas and difficulties more with their grandparents.

So now you know the positive effects that can be provided by the relationship of grandparents and grandchildren on each other, so nurture the relationship! Help your kids and parents bond together, and enjoy their happiness and your good health.

Here are a few wide words of Rudy Giuliani, a politician:

“Children are in most need of a grandparent’s love, they give unconditional kindness, humor, lessons in life, comfort, love and warmth. And the best thing they give is Cookies!”

Make sure your parents and children bond together – experience the true beauty of life!