This is What Happens to Your Heart When You Drink Energy Drinks

Consuming Caffeine raw, has many benefits for the body and the mind. It has the ability to improve mental alertness, reduce headaches or prevent from them, and can even treat diabetes and asthma. But if Caffeine is mixed with colorings, sweeteners, and other chemicals, it may become very dangerous for the cardiovascular system. It is a huge shock for the organism when it is mixed with additives, and it can be the cause for a heart attack.

One of the number one brands for energy drinks “Red Bull” is the cause for a man’s heart attack and death, named Cory Terry from Brooklyn. If you ask his family, Patricia Terry who was Cory’s mother said that he was not smoking, he was an active person and had been drinking Red Bull on regular basis.

Patricia said that he was drinking stuff al the time, he was saying that it was perking him up. This is what she told to the New York Daily News.

Can Red Bull Cause Heart Attacks?

For people who have cardio vascular conditions, drinks like Red Bull and the ones that are very similar to it and contain the same ingredients may be very harmful for these people. Also it is able to cause same symptoms and experiences to healthy people.

A study that was done, not long ago, gave 15 people a similar energy drink to Red Bull. They drank the energy drink for one week every day 500 ml of it (2 cans).

Four hours after the drink, researchers saw that 8% of the blood pressure was increased, and it climbed up to 10% when the week ended. Also the test participants heart rates were increased by 8% after the first day of consuming the drink, and climbed up to 11% at the end of the week.

Both of these conditions gets them closer to getting a heart attack. Strokes and heart attacks are caused by damaging the arteries, and the arteries can be damaged by high blood pressure. The risk of having a heart attack can be increased even more if the heart rates are frequently getting higher and higher.

Red Bull Ingredients

Taurine and Caffeine are the two main ingredients in red bull, which are stimulators, on the other side we have carbonation and lots of sugar. Also a huge amount of B-group vitamins is contained in it.

Dangerous Red Bull Side Effects

Another study was done, on how Red Bull affects people during exercise and after exercise. It was also published in a journal. 13 volunteer patients were experiencing endurance training, they were preforming very hard and exhausting exercises 3 times a day every day during the research, and every day before the training they took a drink which was very similar to Red Bull bit it was with one ingredient less, the Taurine.

After the research, it was clear that Red Bull was the only energy drink that was affecting and increasing the amount of blood that was pumped in and out of the patient’s heart. The study has also shown us that the ingredients taken separately are not causing any harm to us, but when mixed together in a can, the side effects can be devastating for the cardiovascular system, and the risk of getting a heart attack is increased rapidly.

Now you know for sure that, drinks like Red Bull or the ones that are similar to it, are not good at all for your cardiovascular system and your heart.

If you are not quite a morning person, or you need something to wake you up, it is better to take a cup of coffee or other drinks that contain only one stimulant. Don’t take drinks that are chemical cocktails. Or simply look on the internet for other natural energy-boosters.