Why Your Grandparents Didn’t Have Food Allergies…But You Do

Have you ever wondered why did your grandparents didn’t have any allergies? Read in the article below and find out.

According to the researches on this question, it seems that food allergies grew from generation to generation. A study that was done by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the allergies from foods among the children that were born between 1997 and 2011, had grew up to 50%.

Some say that maybe back in the day, the specialists were not that focused on the food allergies, or documenting them, and maybe that’s why there were less. But anyway, besides that food allergies have been increasing rapidly and there are thousands more documented with every new generation today.

The reasons why your grandparents had no allergies from foods, are very simple.

They were not playing restrictive games with their metabolism and their body, they didn’t use diets. They were eating food when it was available.

Your grandparents surely weren’t victims of food marketing, fad diets, or calorie counting, and any other stuff that is popular these days (the food marketing didn’t exist back then). That is the main reason why they were healthy and they had a healthy metabolism, they ate according to their food carvings, and their body’s needs.

Eating real seasonal food.

In the early 1900’s all the food came from small markets or farms, and all of the food was fresh because no preservatives were used, and they weren’t even popular. Because the food was not processed, they were able to give their bodies the proper nutrients that it needs to be healthy.

They didn’t eat stabilizers, food additives, GMO’s or thickeners.

None of the foods were treated with antibiotics, hormones or additives, so that food producers may fill their pockets more, back then it was to make the customer satisfied and they took care of the customer’s health.

They were cooking at home, and they used traditional preparation methods.

There was no processed food, ant eating out was considered a luxury. And luckily for these people who did this, their health was increased, so as their metabolism remained healthy.

The visits from doctors were very rare, only when the disease was life-threatening, they didn’t go to the doctor when they felt sick, and they didn’t take prescriptions.

Whenever they got a fever, they would wait for it to pass. Whenever they were feeling sick they ate broths, soups and they rested. They trusted in the body’s natural healing process, they didn’t ran to the doctor to take prescriptions. The food was their medicine.

They ate everything from an animal, the parts that were rich with minerals and organ meats.

The bones from an animal, were not thrown away, instead they were collected and they made soups and broths out of it, and the organ meat always took place at the table. These foods provided many benefits, and they were never let to go to waste.

They spent a lot of time outside.

They didn’t have the modern toys that make you sit home all day, like computers, cell phones, play stations or any other gaming devices. They used to play with their toys like swing seats, bikes and they used the nature to play.

How are these things connected with allergies?

Every living cell in our body, is bonded with the nutrition and it is affected by it. The cells can create tissues, the tissues can create organs, and we are a simple system of organs. If your nutrition is poor and inadequate, every living cell and from that, every organ will be in a bad shape and will suffer. Therefore, you can be sensitive to some foods.

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