Wi-Fi: A Silent Killer That Kills Us Slowly

Due to our needs, almost every house has wi-fi. There are some conclusions that wi-fi can be very bad for our health, and most importantly it is a lot more dangerous for children. Wi-fi may cause a lot of issues, from sleep quality reducing to brain health issues.

Potential dangers of Wi-Fi

The development of Insomnia is contributed by it

The Wi-Fi has a huge effect on our sleeping, if you are feeling like it is hard to fall asleep every night, or the sleeping is not enough, be sure that this is due to the too many cell phones and Wi-Fi which cause low-frequency modulations during the night. If you are exposed to electromagnetic radiation or fields, you will have a problem with falling asleep. Many of us know that it is harmful to our health, but non of us takes any action to prevent from it.

Childhood Development can be Damaged

Normal cellular development can be damaged and become fatal, because of the non-thermal radio frequencies that come from the Wi-Fi. The youth of the children and the growing tissues are enormously affected by these radiation waves. A greater risk appears for the developmental issues because they are more susceptible than the average because of the effects they cause.

Neutralizes Sperm

Men’s virility is also treated from the Wi-Fi. The movement of the sperm is reduced by a huge percent if you are exposed a lot to Wi-Fi frequencies, and that may cause DNA fragmentation. It can very easily increase the percent of the abnormal pregnancy and fertility could be impacted.

Agitates Brain Function

Our concentration and the function of our brain can be very affected by the Wi-Fi. So too much exposure to Wi-Fi frequencies, may cause memory loss or having trouble to remember, also you can start losing concentration over simple things.

Increases the risk of getting Cancer

The risk of tumor development can be highly increased if you are constantly exposed to electromagnetic radiation.

Causes Cardiac Stress

A lot of us are likely to experience physical changes or issues due to the exposure to Wi-Fi frequencies. For expamle many people who were exposed to these frequencies too much, had increased heart rate. So cardiovascular diseases are more likely to pin someone who is more exposed to these frequencies from the Wi-Fi.

How to protest yourself from this Wi-Fi “Radiation”

There are many ways to protect yourself from these radiations:

  • Don’t carry your cell phone in your pockets
  • During pregnancy don’y keep the phone close to your stomach
  • Text more, talk less
  • Don’t place your wireless router in your bedroom or your kitchen
  • Use the old wired phones while you are home, they cause less radiaton
  • Don’t keep your phone close to you, keep it on the other side of the room or on the other seat of the car
  • Before you go to sleep, disconnect all devices that use wi-fi
  • Baby monitors, shouldn’t be used because they are causing microwave frequencies

Source: thehealthpower.com