Your Body is Acidic. Here is what you Need to Do

Are you feeling constantly tired, heavy, sluggish, in pain and you have difficulties falling asleep? Or, you are filled with energy, you feel healthy and fit? If you are a member of the first group, then you need to be aware that you are experiencing the symptoms of acidity which are very common these days!

Often excessive avidity can cause some other health issues, such as poor digestion, skin issues, obesity, acid reflux, stress, muscle and joint pain, as well as fatigue.

Dr. Otto H. Warburg, is a Noble prize winner, and he claims that oxygen deficiency is mostly triggered by excessive acidity in our body. Also in some of his studies he has discovered that the cells of cancer are not breathing oxygen (are anaerobic), which means that they cannot live long in an environment that is full of oxygen and an environment that is alkaline.

The cancer cells can live without any oxygen, and if a normal cell gets 35% less oxygen than it is supposed to, in about 48 hours, it is very likely to become cancerous.

In the regulating process of the levels of pH in our body, the most important role is played by our diet. With the balance of pH levels we are balancing the acid and alkaline cells and fluids. If we want to maintain our overall health, then the best levels of pH is the alkaline level, which is somewhere around 7,365.

But, many American citizens are on a diet that is filling their bodies with many acids, such as soda, meat, refined grains, gluten, GMOs, sugar, coffee, processed foods, artificial, dairy,gluten sweeteners, and many others.

These are the main factors that are causing an imbalance in our pH levels, and are the ones that lead to certain interrupted cellular functions and activities, heart diseases, cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes and heartburn. Also the aging process is accelerated if our body is acidic.

An acidic body is more likely to get affected by diseases, like bad bacteria, parasites, candida overgrowth, viruses and many other health issues and diseases.

Also if this diet is followed by a lot of everyday stress, it might easily lead to chronic inflammation in our joints, therefore making each body function to be difficult, even the most simple movements.

Therefore it would be wise to alkalize your body if it’s acidic, to prevent from many health diseases and issues, as well as optimize your overall health. The most effective and successful ways to do that, is to follow these few steps that will show you how to prepare this natural homemade drink:


  • 8 oz. of water
  • 2 tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1/3 teaspoon of baking soda


Once these ingredients are added together, and you start mixing them, they will start fizzing. But it is normal, just keep adding baking soda as you stir, until that fizzing is gone. Once you have mixed the ingredients you can add the water and drink the mixture, all at once!

This will support your overall health, because it will alkalize your body by neutralizing its acidity.

If you want to prevent from body acidity and maintain that alkaline state, then you must increase the consumption of alkaline foods, eat a lot of green vegetables, drink a lot of water, reduce stress and start exercising regularly.